The team behind the project


Dr Bakhoa Nguyen

Dr   Bakhoa  Nguyen is the ambitious visionary who inspired MDEX. A dentist himself, Dr. Nguyen founded Mdex in 2003 in addition to many other projects, including eHappyPedia, the global web encyclopedia dedicated to happiness and finding joy in life. Winner of the 2016 “Lys de la Diversité, Grand Prix Hommage” prize, which includes recognition by the Senate and the House of Commons, Dr. Bakhoa is celebrated for his accomplishments and his success within Quebecois and Canadian society.


Tranie Vo 

Co-founder and vice president of business development for Mdex, Ms. Vo has a diploma in mechanical engineering from McGill University. Implementing her significant experience an dher management skills, she is responsible for finding and coordinating the necessary resources for advancing all of Mdex Group’s projects

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Tee Tran

The recipient of many national and international prizes and awards, he notably received the 2012 “Marketer of the Year” award. Mr. Tran positioned TELUS as one of the three most recognized brands in Canada. A passionate, senior professional with more than 16 years of experience in communications marketing, he is a visionary innovator in developing creative, results-based solutions. With his proven experience, he is a pillar in the development and execution of effective and powerful communications marketing strategies for Mdex Group.


Dr Jean De Serres de Biorepères Inc

With an impressive record of achievements in the pharmaceutical field as well as in corporate governance, Dr. De Serres Contributes to Mdex’s business vision, especially in terms of modern healthcare management.

A doctor himself, with a Masters in public health as well as an MBA, Dr. De Serres has held many important positions including those of president of Héma-Québec and director of CSL Behring Canada, president of the board of directors of the Quebec College of Family Physicians, and vice president of scientific affairs at Paladin Laboratories.  Dr. De Serres’s expertise and talent for management Is unparalleled, especially when it comes to resource management. In fact, a president of Héma-Québec he saved more

Than 88 million dollars during his three first months in the position. Named “2013 Manager of the Year” by the ESG UQAM network, he also co-founded several businesses in the fields of bio-technology and is a member of several management boards.